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Starting Krav Maga

Beginner Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga Beginner Classes In Peabody, MA If you, live/work in Peabody, MA and are looking to start learning authentic, Israeli Krav Maga, our school is a short 15-minute drive, down I-95. We teach Krav Maga as a complete system, and not as part of a larger program that incorporates other martial arts, such as Muay Thai and/or BJJ. Our system has both a full standup striking, and groundwork syllabus and doesn’t require the addition of other – often non-complementary systems – to complete our program. If you would like to start training with us, you will first need to complete either an in-person beginner class or our virtual short course (we recommend in-person training but recognize that certain days/times when these are scheduled may not work for people and so we have prepared a short online introductory course that will help introduce you to the system, and prepare you for regular classes).

If you would prefer to take the virtual short course, please use the button below (the cost of either option is $25, and if you later decide after taking the short course you would like to take an in-persobn class, this can be done at no extra cost.

Virtual Course

Krav Maga is known as a straight forward and effective system of self-defense, that is quick to learn and apply. If you are interested in learning why this is the case, you can watch a set of short videos, explaining some of the ideas, concepts, and principles upon which the system is founded, by clicking here. Krav Maga is not defined by "techniques" but by the underlying principles upon which its solutions are based. These principles define not only the system but the way in which authentic Krav Maga is taught.

Our beginner seminars/classes are 60-minutes in length and aim to do two things. Firstly, we want to introduce you to the core framework of concepts and principles that define what Krav Maga is – Krav Maga is not defined by a set of predetermined techniques, but by a systematic approach to violence that allows solutions to evolve and change as different threats and attacks change etc. The main goal of these introductory Krav Maga sessions, is to prepare you for on-going training at our school, so should you decide to join, you can hit the ground running, in our regular classes etc. We never have complete beginners in our regular Krav Maga classes, so when you join you will always be training with people who have already been taught the core drills and training methods that we use and know/are able to work pads correctly and safely.

The cost for this 60-minute seminar is $25. This includes three months of access to our “Introduction to Krav Maga” online short-course. Our school has ample off-street parking and is easy to locate.

To sign up, and book a class, please use the form below.


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