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About The Krav Maga Yashir System

The Krav Maga Yashir approach shares in common with all Israeli Krav Maga systems an adherence to a certain set of concepts and principles, from which solutions to violence are constructed, tested, and developed e.g., the use of instinctive and reflexive movements, counter attacking at the earliest possibility, and training from positions of disadvantage etc. One of the standards that any Krav Maga technique/solution has to meet, is for it to be effectively performed when exhausted and under stress and duress. Real world violence is not like a boxing match, or a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contest, where you know whom, you are fighting, the day/time when the bout is scheduled, and a referee informs you of when the fight itself will start etc. Real-life encounters tend to be those where you are caught somewhat by surprise, and in an unprepared state. The techniques that you use to defend yourself must be those that will work when you are in this condition, and they must continue to work as you experience the fatigue that quickly sets in after you have been adrenalized. The IDF quickly came to understand the need for things to work when operating under these mental and physical conditions e.g., the Israeli designed Uzi SMG (Sub-machine gun) was built around one central idea; that an exhausted infantryman could change the magazine whilst running/on the move. Likewise, Krav Maga techniques and solutions to violence must work when we are in a similar sub-optimal state.

Whilst we teach proven and effective solutions to physical violence, we also spend teaching predictive and preventative measures to reduce the risk of victimization in the first place. Head Instructor, Gershon Ben Keren, has been working in the security industry since 1990, when he first started working bar and club security in the North-East of England. Having fulfilled various roles, including close protection and surveillance, since then, he brings his firsthand experiences and training, to help students at the school learn to predict, prevent, and avoid violence. To get a better understanding of our approach to personal safety and self-protection, you can watch his Google Author Talks below.

By blending preventative security measures, with proven and effective techniques that can be easily recalled and implemented when under stress and duress, the Krav Maga Yashir system, provides a comprehensive approach to dealing with real-life violence. Our training is not for sport competition, but for reality, and the origin of our system comes from the need to survive violence, rather than win competitions etc. If you want to start training in Israeli Krav Maga, or simply see for yourself first-hand why it is such an effective form of self-defense, and has the respect of law-enforcement agencies worldwide, you should take one of our introductory Krav Maga seminars/classes using the button below.

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